Personalised Vocal Training


As a vocal coach, Alice has worked with people of all levels, including beginners and professionals between the ages of 10 and 60. She breaks down the complex concepts of singing into manageable theory, focussing on developing your understanding and technique, whilst building your confidence.

Many of her clients have been professional singers, but she enjoys working with people from various backgrounds, including: 

  • Those who sing as a hobby, for recreational purposes, karaoke, or to destress.
  • Speakers/educators/executives who use their voice for long hours.
  • Gigging singers who want to take their skills to a higher level.

Tailored Lessons Focusing on YOU

Your lessons will be personalised based on individual vocal identity. Through identifying issues with your voice, Alice can deliver and train effective vocal exercises allowing you to master your art. 

As well as singing, Alice carefully crafts her delivery to help you build your confidence and alleviate those fears that have been holding you back. Through a concentration on skill development, you will solve and master: 

  • Singing higher or increase vocal range
  • ‘Breaks’ in the voice when singing in a higher range
  • Weakness in voice quality
  • Lack of confidence when singing
  • Tiredness/fatigue when singing or speaking for long hours

If you are committed to elevating your voice, let Alice help unleash your full potential!


Begin your journey and start transforming your voice today!