Sky Vocals Studio

The Next Chapter In Transforming Your Voice

Sky Vocals Studio

The Next Chapter in the Discovery of Your Voice

  • Are you looking to transform your singing voice?
  • Have you encountered a ‘jam up’ or a ‘break’ in your voice?
  • Do you notice a weakness when you try singing in a higher range?
  • Voice feeling fatigue after a long day of zoom calls or meetings?

Find Your Voice

Whatever walk of life you spend most of your day in, you need your voice. Whether you would like to focus on improving your voice for public speaking or meetings, or you enjoy singing for pleasure and relaxation, Alice will guide you on a journey to master your voice and reach a higher standard and quality.


At Sky Vocals Studios, Singapore, you will work alongside Alice Siau to discover and maximise your singing capabilities in any style you desire, transforming the level and quality of your singing voice, or simply learning how to rehabilitate and reset your tired and strained voice.

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Expand Your Vocal Range

Whether you enjoy singing as a pastime, or you are hoping to pursue a professional career, good vocal technique enhances and preserves voice quality. With Alice’s professional guidance, you will master new techniques that will elevate the quality of your voice to a level you never thought possible.

Training for Beginners and Professionals

There is no greater way to reach your true singing potential than to have the guidance of a qualified singing coach. Alice will help you learn how to approach the various aspects of your singing voice and address any issues with ease.

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